What is a Trunk Show?

By November 19, 2019July 23rd, 2020Resources

A Trunk Show is an exclusive event in which a bridal store focuses on a specific wedding dress designer and features the entire new collection of this specific dress designer. At Adorn Nashville, we call Trunk Shows “Designer Spotlight Events” because it gives us an opportunity to highlight a specific wedding designer for a set period of time.

There are many compelling reasons to make an appointment during a Designer Spotlight Event:

  • These events give brides an opportunity to see the latest designs from a specific wedding gown designer.
  • Since most bridal stores only carry a select number of dresses from a specific designer, Trunk Shows allow brides the opportunity to try on dresses that are not normally available at that specific bridal store.
  • They offer a unique opportunity for brides to find a truly unique dress because most dresses in these shows are only available during these specific events and will likely never be available to try on again once the event ends.
  • Some events also provide an opportunity for you to meet the designer and/or representative and get their personalized feedback on what styles look best on you.

How to prepare for a trunk show:

  • Be prepared to make a dress decision during the trunk show. When the trunk show is over, those dresses will not be back, so you won’t be able to try it on again after the event is over. You don’t want to fall in love with a dress and have to walk away, only to not see it again.
  • Make sure to have your key people with you. Or let them know you’ll be reaching out for their opinion on video chat.

Designer spotlight events typically occur over a specific weekend but can last anywhere from one day to an entire week.  It is best to make an appointment well in advance of a Designer Spotlight Event as appointments for these events tend to book quickly.

You can find more information at our upcoming Designer Spotlight events on our events page.  You can also find information on upcoming Trunk Show events on the Designer website.