About Alix

What is your favorite designer?

  • At Adorn, my favorite would have to be Alyne. You just cannot beat their crepe/satin. 
  • Outside of our store, I have really be into Shop the Creatures lately. Their take on leather and velvet keep me coming back. 

If you could wear any gown from Adorn Nashville, what would it be?

  • Crawford by Alyne. She is sexy, but classic and timeless. 

Childhood nickname? 

  • I did not really have one. My real name is Alixandria and have only been called Alix, so I guess that is my lifetime nickname. 

Any pets?

  • Two English Bulldogs: Otis and Ophelia 

Any secret talents?

  • I absolutely love to paint, not much of a secret to some though!  

Where will you find me when I am not at Adorn?

  • Drinking a French 75 bidding on eBay 

What is your favorite thing or place in Nashville?

  • Being from Nashville, I have seen the growth and transition. I love going to rock shows hearing local bands. In addition, Nashville has some great vintage stores that I cannot seem to stay away from! 

Why will you love working with me?

  • I feel like I am a lot of fun and you can trust me to keep your best interest at heart. I will listen to you and guide you to a dress that makes you feel confident in yourself, as well as your decision to say yes.