How does coronavirus affect me and my wedding dress?

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Hey Bride! This is Jennie Dickens, owner of Adorn Nashville. I want to plainly address what the COVID-19 virus means for you, the bride, and the impact it has had on the industry thus far. Let me start by saying that I’m not a doomsday’er. I don’t want to play into the scary hype, but I think it’s important for all brides to consider implications of COVID-19 and what this means for you and your wedding dress. I don’t want to bury my head in the sand and pretend this isn’t a thing. I want to tell you what I believe this means for you and how to plan accordingly.

How does COVID-19 affect me and my wedding dress?

  • To our brides who have purchased and are waiting on dresses from us – We got you. We are not “cutting it close” with any of our current expected ship dates. We planned ahead. We are in constant communication with our designers and will always be updated on where our dresses are in the order, production, shipping processes.
  • To upcoming brides with appointments – Your dress is out there! We would never sell you a dress that will not come in time for your date or that we feel would become stressful to you or us. We take care of of the nitty-gritty up front, so that you can enjoy yourself and say yes with confidence!
  • To 2020 and 2021 future brides – You are the main reason I’m writing this post. I sympathize with your obstacles and I share your stress. Your wedding is going to happen, you will accomplish everything with proactivity, and it will be amazing!

What’s the big hold up?

  • COVID-19 in China has had an impact on the global supply chain of wedding dresses and other wedding fashion. This is largely due to the preventative quarantine measures, rather than outbreaks of the virus. China is a large manufacturing source for a lot of designers, and is also a huge supplier of textiles. This means that even if a dress is not physically cut and sewn in China, it’s possible that the fabric (a satin, a particular lace, for example) is produced in China. This fabric issue can also affect bridesmaid dresses and groom attire.
  • Shortages from manpower and fabrics have caused some designers to stop accepting orders for custom-made gowns before a certain cut-off date. As of now, none of our designers have adopted this method and we do not expect this to affect us.

But when will I get my dress?

  • “That depends.” (I hate that answer. But it’s true.) Lead times will vary from designer to designer even when there isn’t a global pandemic. The safest and most accurate window we have for dresses coming from outside of North America is 5-8 months, with no customizations, changes, or rushes. That is roughly 2 months longer than last year at this time. (as always, please plan to have your first fitting with your seamstress about 8 weeks before your wedding)
  • However, we can get you your dress sooner. We have a few crafty ways of securing your dress if you’re on a tight time-frame. Stock in designer inventory, immediate delivery, and sample gowns are made available on case-by-case basis.
  • We have domestic designers that can produce a custom-made gown in as little as 4 weeks. Our American designers, Kate McDonald Bridal and Alyssa Kristin, do not use any textiles or materials from Asia and are not experiencing the same delays felt globally.

So what can I do?

  • Simply put: order your dress! The sooner your order is placed, the sooner your dress will arrive. We will always encourage leaving 2-3 months for alterations to ensure a perfect fit, so the sooner the better! And when you choose YOUR dress, you’re ready to choose your bridesmaids dresses (which might also be facing increased leadtimes right now).
  • Prepare yourself for a different shopping experience than you might have imagined. With concerns about travel and timing, you might be missing someone important—your mom or bff–when you go shopping. We will help you take pictures and FaceTime anyone you need; we’ll be your cheerleaders! Postponing your appointment will only mean more time between you and your completed dress.
  • Shop when you feel well! Health is the main priority: your dress is secondary. Schedule your appointments for when you feel 100% and don’t be afraid to cancel or reschedule if you’re under the weather.

So, with all of that being said, now is not the time to catastrophize. In reality, we have been rather smooth-sailing! Our designers have been with us through thick and thin and a bump along the way is nothing we can’t handle. As part of our company ethos, we want to provide the smoothest, most personalized shopping experience and we have already taken action to ensure this, long before COVID-19.

In addition to informing you, the bride, on what to expect, I have also made sure that my staff is supported and armed with what they need to bring the magic to you. We have doubled-down on cleaning efforts in the store and are well-armed with hand sanitizer. As a mom to three young boys, I take cleanliness very seriously!

Bottom line:

We are here for you. We are updated often with production cycles, shipping dates, and designer limitations. What I would like to stress to you, the bride, is the importance of proactivity. Waiting to shop means waiting for your dress. If you have an upcoming wedding in the next 12 months, I would love to see you in store and help you find your dream wedding dress!


Thankful for you,