Before You Book An Appointment: What to know before wedding dress shopping.

By October 26, 2019February 16th, 2020Resources

You have the ring. You have the venue. Ready to find the dress? Your very first bridal appointment might seem like a hazy vision–there’s just so many options! But before you can say YES, you have to get those shopping appointments under your belt. Here are 4 tips for how to prepare for an appointment to empower your shopping and help you find your dream wedding dress!

Bring the best of the best

You’ve heard it before, and you’ll hear it again: bring your cheerleaders! The group you bring shopping with you can and will influence your overall experience, so make sure those group members are ready to spend the day supporting you. This day is all about you and the dress of your dreams. Your group should comprise the people you cannot imagine not having with you when you shop for your dress.  They need to be excited to support your choices and decisions and will make celebrating finding your perfect wedding dress even sweeter!

Leave Time to Chill

So now that you’ve chosen your group of cheerleaders, let the appointments begin! An average bridal appointment can be anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours, so plan your day(s) accordingly. Although it is tempting, do not try to go to every single store in town. The average bride visits three to four bridal salons. Do your research and pare down your list to a few select stores. Leave space in your schedule for travel between appointments, pit stops along the way, and, of course, time to celebrate the process! Leave time to digest. Overbooking yourself will only lead to confusion (“wait, which dress did I love?!”) and exhaustion. That said… if you find “the one,” then say yes, cancel your remaining appointments, and celebrate!

Do your homework

Finding your dream wedding dress is much easier said than done, but the search sure is fun! Before your first appointment, spend some time researching your bridal style inspiration. Until you’ve physically tried on a wedding dress, it’s hard to determine what you will actually like, but narrowing in on a “vibe” or feeling behind your dress before trying on will help you and your stylist make your vision a reality. If searching the world wide web seems daunting, try finding specific designers that match your bridal aesthetic. Narrowing down your search to find designs that fit your vision and creating a mood board or collection of inspiration will ultimately make your appointments more fun and efficient. 

Set your budget

With bridal fashion continuing to push the envelope, the options seem endless. And with your growing your to-do list, pre-determining important factors like your dress budget will set you up for shopping success early on. Having a solidified budget will determine where, when, and how you should shop and will empower you to say YES to your dream dress the moment you find it.  

Throughout your planning and shopping experience, never forget that you are in control! This is your wedding and you deserve to feel as special and as confident as possible. Cheers to you, bride! We can’t wait to see you in our store Adorn Nashville!